Sequences made for how men approach the mat (with strength and little flexibility). Guys will get a great workout in a judgement free environment.  

Taught using a metronome to keep pace and guide the breath, this class is as unique as it is challenging. 

Designed for real men, this class gives guys a safe space to move and be themselves.  

Certified Teacher with sequences inspired by one of my mentors.

Helping to reduce stress and encourage movement for sedentary roles.

Specializing in the ABCs for students new to yoga.



After two stress and sports related back injuries, I took to yoga as a way to heal, quiet my mind and be more present for others. Inspired by my own experiences, I want to demystify yoga and make it more approachable for everyone. 

Yoga isn't an exclusive club, it's an inclusive community where all are welcome; tight spandex not required for entry.